Heavy Equipment Operator

The Heavy Equipment Operator program provides an introduction to the heavy equipment industry and basic heavy equipment operation. Each student will receive 60 hours operating time on an Excavator, Front End Loader and Tandem Dump Truck. Additionally, students will learn grades reading, safety procedures and heavy equipment maintenance. Upon successful completion, students will have obtained their Class 5 license (one year) with a Class 9A endorsement.

This program is recognized by the Apprenticeship and Certification Board as a Provincial Apprentice Trade.

Required Medical Form

Admission and Administration Requirements
Academic Admission Requirements:
  • High school diploma or high school equivalency (Transcript and/or diploma to be forwarded to the College); or
  • Mature students who do not meet the education prerequisites may be considered for admission on an individual basis provided the following conditions are met:
    • Applicants are at least 19 years of age at the time of application;
    • Applicants have been out of school for at least one year;
    • Applicants complete the standardized assessment instrument and obtain the result of high school equivalence on all subtests;
    • Applicants present a certified copy of grades for the highest educational level attained.
Administration Requirements:
  • Completion of Keyin College’s official application form;
  • Application fee of $50 (non-refundable).  It must be noted that this is an additional cost for the processing of your application;
  • International applications are subject to a $250 application processing fee (non-refundable);
  • Student fee of $75.
Additional Admission Requirements:
  • Clear Driver’s Abstract;
  • Current medical report signed by a qualified medical doctor;
  • Photocopy of a valid driver’s license (front and back);
  • Class 5 driver’s license for 1 year.
Heavy Equipment Operator Courses View
  • WHMIS 1520
  • Standard First Aid TS1530
  • Safety HE1110
  • Equipment Operation Safety HE1101
  • Heavy Equipment Certification Requirements HE1130
  • Air Brakes HE1601
  • Tools & Equipment HE1140
  • Hoisting & Rigging HE1160
  • Survey Indicators HE1170
  • Slopes & Grades HE1121
  • Methods of Approach for Worksite Job Planning HE1180
  • Trade Related Documents HE1190
  • Drawings & Plans HE1210
  • Soil Fundamentals HE1220
  • Scheduled & Preventative Maintenance HE1202
  • Pre- & Post-Operational Inspections HE1230
  • Troubleshooting & Basic Repairs HE1240
  • Transportation of Equipment HE1250
  • Environmental Protection HE1260
  • Introduction to Professional Driver Improvement (PDIC) HE1611
  • Powerline Hazards HE1621
  • Math Essentials AM1100
  • Heavy Equipment Operator Math Fundamentals AM1170
  • Communication Essentials CM2160
  • Workplace Essentials SD1760
  • Computer Essentials MC1060
  • Introduction to Apprenticeship AP1101
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods HE1631
  • Traffic Control Person (TCP) OL1605

Currently offered at the following locations: