The training focus of the Hairstylist program is to provide students with the skills, knowledge and experience to work as a Hairstylist or Barber. Students acquire all the fundamentals of nail care, make-up application, esthetics, color analysis and much more. Our program specializes in Hair Design instructing students on how to cut, style, perm, color, and many more valuable skills. The practical experience you acquire in our salon will develop your expertise in hairstyling and shop management.

Apprenticeship Training

The Hairstylist program is an apprenticeable trades program. These courses, completed at Keyin College, will represent partial completion of requirements for Journeyperson status under the Interprovincial Red Seal Certification. Once this training is complete and the student secures employment in the trade, he/she must register as an apprentice with the Apprenticeship and Trades Division (ATCD), of the Department of Immigration, Population Growth and Skills.

Admission and Administration Requirements
Academic Admission Requirements:
  • High school diploma or high school equivalency (Transcript and/or diploma to be forwarded to the College); or
  • Mature students who do not meet the education prerequisites may be considered for admission on an individual basis provided the following conditions are met:
    • Applicants are at least 19 years of age at the time of application;
    • Applicants have been out of school for at least one year;
    • Applicants complete the standardized assessment instrument and obtain the result of high school equivalence on all subtests;
    • Applicants present a certified copy of grades for the highest educational level attained.
Administration Requirements:
  • Completion of Keyin College’s official application form;
  • Application fee of $50 (non-refundable).  It must be noted that this is an additional cost for the processing of your application.
  • International applications are subject to a $250 application processing fee (non-refundable)
Hairstylist Courses View
  • WHMIS 1520
  • Standard First Aid TS1530
  • Occupational Health & Safety TS1510
  • Workplace Exposure OJ1500
  • Introduction to Essentials Skills AM1000
  • Safety-Related & Hygienic Functions HT1000
  • Tools & Equipment HT1010
  • Client Service Preparation HT1020
  • Communication Techniques HT1030
  • Front Desk HT1040
  • Business Fundamentals I HT1050
  • Hair & Scalp Analysis & Response HT1130
  • Shampoo & Condition Hair HT1140
  • Wet Hair Styling I HT1230
  • Wet Hair Styling II HT2230
  • Dry Hair Finishing & Styling I HT1240
  • Dry Hair Finishing & Styling II HT2240
  • Hair Cutting HT1305
  • Facial & Nape Hair Services HT1325
  • Colouring HT1505
  • Lightening HT1535
  • Chemical Waving HT2250
  • Chemical Relaxing HT2260
  • Colour Correction HT2270
  • Extensions, Wigs & Hairpieces HT2280
  • Face & Nape Services HT2290
  • Mentoring Techniques HT2295
  • Business Fundamentals II HT2050
  • Hairstylist Math Fundamentals AM1101
  • Communication Essentials CM2161
  • Workplace Essentials SD1761
  • Computer Essentials MC1062

Currently offered at the following locations: