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ST. JOHN’S, NL–Keyin College today announced the launch of a new Digital Equality Initiative to help prepare graduates for the digital world. This fall, all post-secondary students of Keyin College will receive a Chromebook preloaded with relevant software to support their learning. Regardless of where learning occurs this fall, Keyin students will be connected and working with technology to help prepare them for tomorrow’s career opportunities. 

COVID-19 highlighted the digital gap

During the first weeks of COVID-19, Keyin College successfully converted over 1,000 students and instructors to an effective and engaging online learning platform. However, according to Keyin President Craig Tucker, the transition highlighted a digital gap. 

“As we responded to COVID-19 by creating an online learning solution, we quickly realized that students’ personal access to technology, and their technology-related skills varied greatly,” said Craig Tucker. “As an institution closely aligned with industries that hire our graduates, we realized that digital literacy and digital equality needed to become an essential part of our post-COVID world. To address this concern, we created a digital equality solution that could better prepare our graduates for future careers.” 

Keyin’s commitment to digital equality for graduates

Starting in September 2020, Keyin College will provide Chromebooks to all full time post-secondary students to support their learning. This commitment will assist students in building the essential digital skills needed to be successful in today’s society and in their careers. Keyin’s Digital Equality Initiative will provide students with technology pre-loaded with Microsoft Office 365, which includes many of the business tools essential in today’s offices (Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint). 

To support online learning, the Chromebooks will include the Microsoft Teams platform, which the College currently uses to deliver interactive online content with real-time instructors, as well as integrated scheduling software to help students keep all of their classes, studies, exams and events well organized.

To support digital communications, the initiative also includes a dedicated Keyin email system to provide students with a private email address for school and personal use (another essential component of most work environments).

Leveraging technology to support health and wellness

As part of Keyin College’s commitment to the health and well-being of students, the Chromebooks will be equipped with two other essential applications.

A Morneau Shepell app will offer Keyin students 24-7 access to professional mental wellness supports for everything from the stresses of everyday studies to coping with unexpected events, and major mental wellness challenges. Morneau Shepell is a national provider of mental health support to institutions across Canada. 

An Enriched Academy app will allow Keyin students to become more financially literate through a new program, My Finances 101.  The program will educate students on how to better manage their finances, helping them make the most of their funding supports during college, better understand the responsible repayment of debts once they graduate, and the skills to build a more financially sound future for themselves and their families. 

“While we are focused on academic excellence for our students, we are also highly committed to their general well-being, and in delivering skills that will help them be successful in life,” said Tucker.  

To learn more about Keyin’s Digital Equality Initiative, current and prospective students are asked to contact an admissions officer at campuses across Newfoundland and Labrador.

About Keyin College

Keyin College is based in Newfoundland and Labrador and is one of Canada’s largest private colleges with almost 40,000 graduates over the past 40 years. Program offerings reflect student career aspirations and the needs of today’s businesses, including health and personal care, business and applied arts, information technology and adult basic education.  Keyin College has six campuses and four adult basic education centers throughout Newfoundland and Labrador.