Frequently Asked Questions

Keyin has already applied a $2,000 scholarship to the program. Keyin is evaluating other scholarship opportunities and will inform Asia-Pacific of any changes or additional scholarship opportunities.
In order to be eligible for the $2,000 scholarship, you must apply under Pathway 1: Study Permit (PGWP) and enroll for the November 2022, January 2023 or May 2023 program start dates by completing the application process and paying the deposit.
The program cost for Pathway 1 (45 Week Program) is $17,995 CAD. The program cost for Pathway 2 (30 Week Program) is $14,234 CAD. For complete tuition information, please go to: Admissions & Fees
Please complete the application process by clicking on "Apply Now" on our website. For more information on the application process, please visit:  Admissions & Fees
IELTS is not required. However, a program application interview is part of the application process. The interview can be completed via a recording or a live, virtual meeting.
Yes the application fee is $150 CAD.
Yes, a study permit is required for Pathway 1: Study Permit (PGWP). A work permit is required for Pathway 2: Work Permit.
No, you do not need prior experience or a degree to join the PCA program.
Yes, at this time, the current structure of the program is designed for students to complete the first 16 weeks online. This structure may change based on the pandemic status.
The designated learning institution (DLI) for the International PCA program is The Centre for Nursing Studies (CNS) – CNS DLI No. 019441089096.
Yes, the Centre for Nursing Studies is PGWP eligible.
Keyin College delivers the curriculum for the PCA program.
The PGWP is 30 weeks guaranteed, up to 45 weeks based on the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) distance regulations in 2022. Keyin College International stays in constant contact with IRCC. Should anything change with respect to the PGWP timing, we will update accordingly.
Yes, all PCA graduates are guaranteed job interviews with our partners and employer – Eastern Health.
Yes, there are currently hundreds of jobs available in Newfoundland and Labrador and thousands more across Canada.
The average salary for PCAs in NL is between $30k to $50k CAD annually.
Yes, you can bring your family with you.
Yes, you can work up to 20 hours per week while in school. Spouses of students will be awarded an open work permit while a student is studying in Newfoundland and Labrador.
The cost of living in the St.John’s area is approximately $1250-$1450/person per month. This cost includes accommodations, utilities, food and transportation. Keyin will provide you with details on all items to prepare for your arrival in your Keyin Welcome Package.
Yes, you can apply for permanent residency. Our IRCC will assist you with the application process. Please refer to the following link for PNP and AIPP options:
Yes, Keyin College International (KCI) places the safety of our students above all things. Accordingly, KCI reserves the right to change program start dates by no longer than one (1) calendar year, from the initial program start date, due to circumstances beyond our control.
The cost of travel and visa applications are the responsibility of the student.
Our student services division will assist in finding lodging for students in advance of their travel.
The process for applying for our province's health care coverage will differ depending on a study permit or work permit situation. If temporary insurance is required, insurance through GuardMe is available at a low cost.
A study permit application can be rejected. Students will receive a refund if their visa application is denied, less a $200 administration fee.
The student will provide to Keyin College a proof of study permit refusal. The Centre for Nursing Studies and Keyin College can provide a new Letter of Acceptance (LOA) if the student wants to apply again for a study permit. If the student does not wish to pursue a re-application, Keyin will issue a refund, less a $200 administration fee.
Work experience will depend on the specific job. There are many jobs that require little or no experience. Keyin's International Student Services division will assist with the job application process.
In addition to achieving a minimum score of 70 in the PELMO interview, when applying for Pathway 2: Work Permit, graduates are required to have 6 months-2+ years training in the healthcare field; and are required to have 2+ years full-time work experience. For more information, please visit: Admissions & Fees Graduates will be assessed on a case by case basis for entry under Pathway 2: Work Permit.
Yes, you can bring your spouse and children with you. Please visit this link for complete immigration information: Immigration & Citizenship  
As of July 2022, there are a variety of jobs available to students' spouses that they may apply for. Keyin International Student Services will assist in the job search process for students and spouses.
Children can study while in Newfoundland and Labrador. Keyin's International Student Services Division will assist the family in education options for children. In the public education school system, children do not pay tuition fees for kindergarten through high school.
Students do not require IELTS for a study permit, but will be required to complete the PELMO ESL Interview to be accepted into the program. For students looking to pursue a Work Permit/PMP (Provincial Nomination Program) study pathway, an IELTS score of 4.5 will be required.
This depends on the pathway chosen by the student. If the student choses the Study Permit pathway, they will receive a PGWP (Post Graduate Work Permit) upon completion of the program. If the student choses the Work Permit/PNP pathway, the student will secure a job offer prior to or during the IPCA program. The student will then begin the PNP (Provincial Nomination Program) which will lead to the Work Permit.
For Study Permit Pathway students, Keyin guarantees a job interview with Eastern Health upon completion of the program. If the interview process is unsuccessful, Keyin has established relationships with many private healthcare organizations and will attempt to find employment within this network.
For complete information about PGWP rules and regulations, please visit: PGWP Information
For complete information on Newfoundland and Labrador permanent residency, please visit: Provincial Nominee Program
The process for applying for Permanent Residency in Canada depends on which pathway the student chooses, i.e. Study Permit/PGWP pathway or the Work Permit/PNP pathway. The following outlines the process for each pathway: Study Permit/PGWP Pathway
  • Complete the IPCA Program
  • Receive PGWP
  • Interview with Eastern Health and/or Private Longterm Care facility
  • Commence work with Eastern Health or Private Longterm Care facility
  • Apply for permanent residency
Work Permit/PNP Pathway
  • Complete Keyin Application/PELMO ESL Interview (providing all requisite information to facilitate job offer process)
  • Begin job interview/job offer process with Eastern Health or Private Longterm Care facility
  • Ideally secure a job offer before the program begins but a student can begin the program without a job offer
  • Student begins the PNP process; Receives PNP nomination
  • Work Permit timeline is Country specific
Yes, they can join. The best and most likely pathway is the Study Permit pathway, 45 week program.
Assuming the high school graduate is 18 years of age or older, successfully secures a Study Permit and successfully completes the IPCA program, yes, they will be issued a PGWP and a work and stay in Canada.
Yes, that is possible. Specifics will be evaluated and provided on a case-by-case basis with our resident RCIC.
Yes, we accept high school graduates for Pathway 1: Study Permit (PGWP). For more information, please visit: Admissions & Fees
Keyin works with several agencies, and we can provide contact information for all of them.
Yes, instalment plans are available. Specifically for the International PCA Program, the payment plan is $2,000 deposit with 4 tuition instalments prior to travelling to Canada.   This instalment plan is subject to change. For the most up-to-date information regarding tuition fees and payments for Pathways 1 & 2, please visit: Admissions & Fees
There are 2 ways to apply for a study permit - online or by going to a visa application centre in your country.
  • Step 1: Get the study permit application package. The application package includes an instruction guide and all the forms you need.
  • Step 2: Complete your application and attach your documents. Make sure you include all the documents required in the package.
  • Step 3: Pay your application fees.
We have an upper limit guideline of 40 and under but it is not an age limit. Keyin College will review and consider applicants over the age of 40.
Keyin College's International Student Services division will provide assistance for job seekers.
Keyin College's direct partner for the International Personal Care Attendant Program is the Centre for Nursing Studies (CNS). Keyin College avails of CNS' DLI and is able to offer PGWP (Post Graduate Work Permit) based on this access to their DLI. Keyin College also has partnership arrangements with Cape Breton University (CBU).
For students in the Study Permit/PGWP pathway, Keyin College guarantees a job interview with Eastern Health upon successful completion of the program. Keyin College enjoys a close working relationship with Eastern Health and projects an extremely high conversion rate of interview to job offer. For students in the Work Permit/PNP pathway, Keyin College will secure a job offer for the student as part of the admissions/enrolment process.
There are three upcoming enrolment periods: - November 2022 - January 2023 - May 2023. For complete information on enrolment periods for Pathways 1 & 2, please visit: Admissions & Fees